cleansing crystals


What you may not know (and sometimes forget!) is that cleansing your crystals is a super important job! Keeping your crystals cleansed is a key component in allowing your crystals to obtain their highest vibrational and energetic level, which in turn, releases them of holding onto all the negative energies they have absorbed over time. Clearing these energies will keep your crystals energized, activated, and most importantly, helpful and working!

Here’s a quick and easy list of our recommendations for cleansing your crystals on a regular basis:

  • Sun & Moon

    • Place your crystals and/or jewelry in a place where they can be fully exposed to the energizing rays of the Sun or the Moon for at least 2-4 hours. Even if you can’t see the sun through the clouds, know that it is still working and your crystals are being directly exposed to the natural elements of the Sun & Moon!

  • Earth

    • Place your crystals and/or jewelry directly into the dirt of the Earth OR you can place them in the soil of a healthy, live houseplant for at least 2-4 hours.

  • White Sage / Palo Santo

    • Steadily hold your crystals and/or jewelry in the smoke of a burning White Sage OR Palo Santo stick for 3-4 minutes. Continue holding the jewelry in the smoke until your piece stands still in your hand.

  • Quartz / Selenite Crystal

    • Directly place your crystals and/or jewelry onto a Quartz or Selenite cluster or charger plate for at least 6 hours.

Although there are many different ways to cleanse and re-energize crystals, we find this list to be the most simple and effective way for us. After all, energized crystals are happy crystals! :)